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Sizzle reels or multi-scene demos for acting

Demo reels for:

Senior Citizens

... anyone who needs one!

Genres we do:

Crime Scene Investigation

... and more!

Whether your focus is:

Independent Films
Feature Films


Our Prices
*subject to change - visit our Flash site for up-to-date information

Option 1

  • $275 Per Actor (2 Actors Only)
  • 1 1/2 page scene
  • 5-10 Business day delivery

Option 2

  • $500 for ONE 1 page scene (90 minutes shooting time)
  • $1250 for THREE 1 page scenes (6 hours of shooting time)
  • RF writes material and casts your scenes with professional actors to guarantee quality results.
  • 5-10 Business day delivery

Option 3

  • $750: SIZZLE REEL (3 hours shooting time)
  • RF writes material for THREE 30 second scenes.
  • 3 Looks / 3 hours shooting
  • 2 Business day delivery

Option 4

  • $700: ONE SCENE + HEADSHOT (90 minutes shooting time)
  • RF writes material and casts your scene with qualified actors to gaurantee quality resolution
  • 5-10 Business day delivery

Hosting Your Demo with Speedreels

Hosting your demo reel online is very important. Speedreels will give you one minute free when shooting with Relentess Filmworks.

In addition, will get you on Actors Access as well.


Visit our Flash site to see samples of our demos and learn more!

Questions? Comments? Email us at info@relentlessfilmworks.com,
or give us a call at 323.786.6772


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