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What is a Demo Reel?

Why Do I Need a Demo Reel?
What Goes Into a Demo Reel?
Types of Demo Reels
The Process

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For Actresses
Reels for Film
Reels for Television
The Audition Process
Shooting Demo Reels
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Acting reels for drama, comedy, crime scenes, and more

Crime Scene Investigation

Demo reels for:

Senior Citizens

... anyone who needs one!

Whether your focus is:

Feature Films
Independent Films

No stunt reels or voice acting, sorry

The Process
*subject to change - visit our Flash site for up-to-date information

Option 1

  • Email your ONE and a 1/2 page scene to info@relentlessfilmworks.com for review
  • Find an actor who is as talented as you are and book your shoot.
  • RF gives you 90 minutes of shooting time.

Option 2

  • Schedule your free consultation.
  • We will have a detailed discussion about how we can best market yourself as an actor and what kinds of scenes will best highlight your talents.
  • RF will write either ONE or THREE 1 minute scene as a complimentary service and will cast the supporting roles for your scenes with professional talent.
  • RF gives you 90 minutes to shoot each scene.

Option 3

  • Schedule your free consultation.
  • RF will write Three 30 second scenes, based on our collaboration of ideas within the time of your consulation.
  • Find three friends/actors that are as talented as you are.
  • Go on location and shoot.
  • RF gives you 3 hours to of shooting time.

Option 4

  • RF will write a 1 minute scene.
  • RF will write ONE 1 minute scene based on our collaboration of ideas with the time of your consultation.
  • Show up with a couple changes of clothes for your Headshots.
  • RF gives you 90 minutes of shooting time.
  • 45 minute headshot session.

All scenes are shot in HD on a Panasonic HPX 170, recorded with Sennheiser audio, edited and scored.


Visit our Flash site to see samples of our demos and learn more!

Questions? Comments? Email us at info@relentlessfilmworks.com,
or give us a call at 323.786.6772


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A Relentless Filmworks Demo DVD is your acting calling card

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