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We know that every actor or actress out there has their own goal. Some want to be the soap star, some enjoy the niche of being a character actor, and some want to star on the silver screen as the leading man or starlet. For these goals, we alter our approach accordingly and film you the way you want to be seen.

Say your goal is to work specifically in feature films; you're not interested in daytime television, commercials, or live performances. That's totally fine; in fast most of our acting clients are in the same boat. For this purpose we define your character as one that you would see in a major motion picture, and provide the set, writing, editing, and pacing that would accompany such a scene. Whether the film you're looking to replicate is drama, comedy, science fiction, action, romance, or horror, we'll prepare the shoot just right to get what you need on film.

Our acting demos for film actors cross all genres and are built with the expertise in mind so that when an agent, casting director, or producer watches your reel, they'll feel they're watching a scene directly out of a movie.

HD demo reels produced by Relentless Filmworks, for actors


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