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Reels for Television

Every actor or actress has their thing that they do best; and for several, it's TV acting. Whether you're talking about a mini-series, a daytime drama, a detective serial, or a silly family comedy, we know that there's a certain filming style to be matched to accomplish the look and feel of such a production. To instantly get that TV look across in a short period of time there's a lot we can do, including camera techniques, lighting, and more.

The pacing of TV acting is also different. Sometimes there are the punchlines every other minute that need to be timed just right, at times the long dramatic pauses are a cornerstone of a specific style, and sometimes the pacing is non-stop and fast to move along the action of a particular scene. We understand all these techniques better than most, and apply them regularly to our work. So if you're an actor or actress intent on landing the role of the goofy sidekick, or the uptight boss, perhaps the sensitive psychiatrist or struggling single mother, we can write and film your scene to fit that character to a T as though it was straight from a TV show.

Then there are commercials, filmed in their own pacing and style specifically for the TV audience. Whether they're selling kids toys, medical products, or the latest fast food craze, there's a unique filming and acting style to those as well. Typically the cuts are fast, the lines are delivered quickly, and the acting needs to be done in such a way so as to get across a message in record time. For many actors that's a talent that they specialize in, and we're there to capture the essence of such a performance on screen for use in your demo reel.

TV actor demo reels


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