How demo reels affect the audition process
Acting auditions, headshots, and demo reels

The Audition Process

When it comes to auditioning, there are several elements that are the same every time, and countless factors that are different every time. What area vary? Well, for example...

Cold Reading

Oftentimes in an audition you're asked to "cold read", which is to read a script handed to you on the spot, and to do your best to nail your character through your understanding and interpretation of the dialogue alone. When possible they try to give you a few minutes first to look over the dialogue, but such is not always the case. In these instances, being good at fast memorization and cold reading is of utmost importance. For such training we highly recommend the Lyndon Technique.

Monologues vs. Scenes

Depending on the part you're auditioning for, you may be asked to do a monologue, which is a solo scene performed by you alone for the camera. This could be a heart-wrenching story that you're telling, a long-winded reaction, an extended plea, usually something powerful and dramatic that allows you to shine all by your lonesome. The other situation is that you could be paired with someone else - sometimes a seasoned actor or someone else locked into a role, sometimes another fresh face auditioning alongside you. In these instances, it's highly important to be able to listen, respond, and improvise. Try to bounce off your partner and use their skills to enhance your own, and make the scene shine as the result of your dialogue.

Headshots and Demo Reels

No matter what the audition, and however they do the above things, one fact remains constant; they are more than happy to take your headshot and acting demo reel. Oftentimes after seeing people in person they need to go back and revisit the applicants, and that means looking through the headshots they received and considering their option. One thing is for certain; actors and actresses who also deliver demo reels are much stronger candidates for reconsideration at this point, as the casting director or producer will most likely use this opportunity to view the reel and use it to help them make their casting choice. It also plays a large factor in determining whether or not you'll be given a callback, that is a second chance to audition for the same part. So if you've been going to acting auditions up to this point without a demo, make the change today! Call Relentless Filmworks to get started, and get your acting demo in place for bigger and better auditions in the future.

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The importance of an actor demo reel at the audition

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