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Impress your casting director quickly with a top-notch demo reel

What goes into a Demo Reel?

Getting you hired as an actor is the focus of a Relentless Filmworks demo reel. And to showcase your acting talent, we help you create just the right scenes. Plus you’ll receive professional shooting on a Panasonic HPX 170, sound with Sennheiser audio equipment and expert lighting, all at affordable rates. You’ll end up with an acting demo that looks like an A-list movie or TV program—and all in HD.

Relentless Filmworks Makes it Easy and Affordable

Getting started is easy. Simply e-mail us the scene you want to shoot or schedule a free consultation so together we can create the perfect scenes to highlight your talent. We’ll write the script and even provide professional actors to be in the scene with you. We’ll make sure the set, your wardrobe and makeup are correct, help you with rehearsals, then shoot, edit and score your professional demo—on your budget. From inception to post-production, Relentless Filmworks guarantees the highest quality actor reel.

Our goal is to help you land acting roles. A résumé lists the roles you have played. A Relentless Filmworks demo reel shows people the depth of your acting talent—and that can make the difference between merely auditioning and getting the job. A short, professional video highlighting your acting ability is the answer—call Relentless Filmworks today.


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Show off your acting talent with our professional demo reel

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