Relentless Filmworks is a boutique production company devoted to creating dynamic, original demo reels for actors. We are beginning our 13th successful year in business, and we'd love to work with you!  From new talent seeking a strong representation of their talent to seasoned actors looking for a razor-sharp focus on their personal brand, we have a variety of packages to choose from. Whether it's starting from scratch, or supplementing a current reel, Relentless Filmworks will guide you towards the best value within your budget.  

We begin with a Free Consultation- and discuss the best way that we can assist you or- if you're an agent or manager- your client, in developing/honing the brand you're submitting to the industry. The process continues with varying degrees of assistance, including original scripts written by a multi-award-winning writer production staff and the casting of professional supporting actors, which culminates in a professional, fun, and fast shoot at our newly refurbished studios in the heart of Studio City.


Ultimately, our goal is to provide our actors with an effective, up-to-date pitch tool to submit their talent in a meaningful way. We realize that a reel isn't just a showcase of what an actor can accomplish- it's a tangible product of their heart and their hard work. And we're here to help- in whatever way we can!

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Steve Whelan is an American actor and producer. He was born in San Mateo, CA, January 7th, 1970. Steve grew up in Northeast Ohio and Connecticut, later earning a BA in Theatre at Indiana Universtiy. After three years of creating original, experimental Theatre in Philadelphia, he turned his focus to film, returning to California in 1996. Steve has worked in an array of cinematic formats including film and televison, commercials, web-series', and voice-overs. He is also an accomplished production sound artist, and a veteran voice-over artist. Steve co-founded Relentless Filmworks in 2008, a boutique production company, dedicated to creating exciting originalcontent. Steve lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two daughters.

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Co-owner / Director / DP


As a writer, director, producer, and DP, Troy has created a broad spectrum of series, shorts, commercials, and features. He began his career initially as a Director of Photography, but found that working within several avenues of creative space afforded him an invaluable perspective as an artist. Taking projects from start to finish- from their inception to development to execution- is a true passion, and his dedication to each endeavor reflects his personal commitment to that passion.

Troy envisions truly universal themes in each of his projects, no matter the venue, no matter the scope. He is calculated, yet off-the-cuff. Introspective, yet accessible. Polished, yet real and raw. It's never "that's a wrap"... instead, it's "what's next?" And "what's next?" is always a surprise.

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Writer / Editor


Amber is an award-winning, first-generation Arab-American writer, actor, director, editor, and producer. She grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and has traveled the nation as a motivational speaker since she was a teenager. In addition to her professional work with's Making It Count and Diversity Leadership Programs, she volunteers her time in the community as a speaker and mentor, connecting with students and youth from all walks of life.

She earned her master's in Film Direction from The California Institute of the Arts, and has since worked in a slew of cinematic genres across several creative platforms- from web-series to features to commercials to pilots. Her most passionate focus is in the development and creation of entertainment that reflects the diversity of the human experience- artistic endeavors that are fresh and fearless.


Creative Organizer / Websites


Ayn is an actor and creative organizer who has worked with Relentless, first as a client and now as a consultant.  She has been working with creative professionals (actors and writers) since 2006, to assist them with the business side of the industry.  You can find out more at

Clever Actor Tip #51:

"If you want to be funny in comedy, don't make it 'real'. Make it ridiculous."

– John Swanbeck