Q. Do I need to find the actors for my demo reel?

A.  The BIG KAHUNA package is cast with talented actors that the studio knows and we will cast the talent for that package.  For the STUDIO RATE and SIZZLE REEL package you will need to find supporting actors who are as passionate and talented as you are.  HOT SETS are an opportunity to pair yourself up with another actor and split the cost, so you both get footage for your reel.  (please see our HOT SET FAQ)

Q. Do you allow rehearsal time?

AYes. While on our clock, we allow thirty minutes prior to shooting for you to rehearse with your acting partner on the set, in costume, and with us there

to supervise and ask questions. Of course, if you'd prefer to rehearse on your own prior to filming, that's totally encouraged; just be prepared to take direction and adapt to the circumstances on the day of shooting.

Q. Are we allowed to share a scene with another actor?

A. Yes. Sharing a scene when creating your acting demo reel is okay, but only if your acting partner is as strong as you are. It's also important that this be accouted for ahead of time, so that the script can feature both of you equally, and not focus on just one actor over the other. And bear in mind that there would only be one edit for that scene, unless you go with Option 1 (see price page for particulars). 

HOT SET DAYS are also a great option for this Q.

Q. Can I bring my own scene?

A. Yes. You may bring your own scene to the demo reel shoot so long as it fits our guidelines and parameters.  

There is a $100 Surcharge per scene for sizzle or Big Kahuna. 

#1 - The scene must be saved in or converted to Final Draft format

#2 - Please ensure that the scene is original, and not just lifted from a film or TV show

#3 - Remember that shooting a custom demo reel has its limits, so keep it within a reasonable scope  

If you're aiming to deliver a heart-wrenching soliloquy before leaping off a skyscraper in order to grab onto a ladder hanging from a helicopter while firing a magnum, well, that could prove a bit difficult. So don't write that. :)

Q. What's the difference between a SIZZLE reel and the 3-scene package?

A. The SIZZLE reel consists of THREE 30-second scenes. They are deliberately shot to be short, written as such, and directed in a manner that gets across the point fully in that period of time.  The 3-scene package, however, is full with THREE 1-minute scenes, each of which will have more time to play out and arc.  This provides time for a more nuanced performance to be delivered.  Subsequently, the 3-scene package also includes a SIZZLE reel created from the best moments of all 3 scenes, should you need to show off the best of each in a shorter period of time. So the choice is yours- whether you decide to have your demo reel spliced down to shorter or longer scenes.

Q. Do you provide wardrobe and props?

AThe client is responsible for their wardrobe. It is important to research online and mimic the styles that are related to television.  However, Relentless Filmworks does offer scrubs for medical scenes, lab coats, police/detective badges and guns.  For bar scenes we have glassware, bottles, and a bar interior... (and Steve can stand in as a bartender in a pinch... he loves wiping glasses)

Q. What if I don't like the writing?

A. Relentless Filmworks offers writing as a complimentary service.  Our writers are repped and have written thousands of scenes.  Our scenes are specific to what we talk about in our consultation, so if there is something specific you don't like about your scene, we are happy to make modifications as far as dialogue.  If you are still unhappy post-revision, we're happy to offer you the option to provide your own scene.  However, this is a rare case.

Q. Can I have my footage when we are done?

A. Yes. The transfer fee for this service is $40.00 Sizzle Reel and $80 Big Kahuna.  You must bring a a MAC formatted hard-drive with a minimum space of 300GB (it may not be a flash drive, due to size of our HD files).