Is it $300 for the scene or $300 per actor?

The cost of the scene is $300 per actor.

Do I have to find my own actor?

Yes.  The concept behind the process is for two actors to collaborate and benefit from shooting one scene.  If this is an issue, we have several options for reels that are geared toward one actor.

Click here for more options.

Will I get a separate edit or is there just one edit?

There are two edits, one for each actor.  

Specifically, each actor will have the scene start and end with their image.

How should I submit the material?  

What if I don’t have Final Draft?

If you don’t have access to final draft, use Celtx as an alternative.  

There is a free verison online. If that is a challenge,

submit the scene and we will make an assessment on the length.  

What if my scene is longer than one page?  

The criteria for this package is strictly one page, no more no less.  

This ensures us to be able to shoot proper coverage for each actor in the allotted time.  One suggestion; take out any unnecessary stage directions in the script.

How long until I get my scene?

Our turnaround for the Hot Set scenes is two weeks or less (usually less)

How will I receive my reel?

We will create dropbox folder and invite you to the folder.  

That’s where the files will be accessible.

Can I do multiple scenes on the Hot Set Saturday?

Yes!  We encourage this, because if you are able to come up with the material

and the actors, why not?  There is no better deal in town to get a professionally shot reel for $250.

Do I get to choose my takes?

The editor is a trained director and will surely pick

your best takes to assemble a great scene. 

What if my scene doesn’t fit the HSS schedule?

No problem, if there is an opportunity to adapt the scene (recently we had a scene that took place in an law office, but the schedule was INT. DINER).  

The actors simply changed the location.  

If that doesn’t work, email us with suggestions for the schedule and we will try to accommodate your needs as best we can.