A $500 holding fee is required to book your session.  

Any additional funds exceeding the $500 that is submitted to us before the shoot date

is considered part of the deposit and is therefore non-refundable.  

This fee applies to your shoot cost, so you’re pre-paying part of your session. 

This fee is a “holding fee” and you’re paying this fee for us to hold a spot for you

and therefore turn away other potential clients who may want that spot. 

Therefore, the holding is non-fundable.  The holding fee is also non-transferable.  

This fee is good for 45 Days. If you do not shoot within 45 Days your deposit will not be returned to you.



The Studio Rate books an hour of studio time and the entire fee is required to book that hour.  

Material for the shoot must be submitted to Relentless at least 48 hours prior to shooting,

and the length of the shoot must be no longer than one page in FINAL DRAFT, no exceptions. 

If you can’t fulfill this obligation, please don’t book the Studio Rate.



On your shoot date, the balance of your fee will be due at the END of your session. 

We accept all major credit cards, checks and cash. 

A 3% fee will be added to any credit card transactions, and 4% for any pay pal transactions.



All payments shall be made on the date chosen by Relentless FIlmworks and Client.

If you are going be late on your payment, please notify Relentless to keep us from hounding you.



Sometimes things happen, so rescheduling is allowed once within 5 business days (120 hours) notice.  Business days are Mon-Fri.  Rescheduling less than 5 business days (120 hours) notice is considered a cancellation and your holding fee is sacrificed.  If you do reschedule, your rescheduled appointment must be within 45 days of your original session date, no exceptions.  While one free rescheduling with 5 business days notice is allowed, a second rescheduling is considered a cancellation.  There are no exceptions to this rescheduling/cancellation policy, so do not book if you have an issue with this policy.





If the client decides to provide his or her own material in any package

where RF provides the writing (Big Kahuna, Sizzle Reel), there is a $100 fee,

and the material MUST be submitted in FINAL DRAFT at least 48 hours before the session date.



Sizzle Reel is a complete reel.

If you would like to separate your scenes from the reel,

which is not part of the package- this will included your name at the end of each scene.

The fee is $50.



Transferring data to Hard drive.

Must bring a blank or PC formatted hard drive. (Not a Flash Drive)

Sizzle reel transfer fee is $40. The Big Kahuna is $80 Transfer.

The files are large and take an exceptional amount of time and space to transfer.