Self-Submission Technique For Actors

Taught by Troy Price & Steve Whelan

In this new era of actors self taping auditions at an increased rate, even veteran actors are

struggling to submit an self-made audition that is industry ready.

With over 10 years of directing actors on camera, Steve Whelan and Troy Price map out the process from A to Z, from lighting to proper eye lines, to making what technology you have work for you.   This workshop is broken up into two parts.  The first week will cover self submission acting technique and what technology to use to create the best submission possible.  Week two will allow you to go and create your own submission and bring it back to the workshop to answer any technical questions that you might have; including lighting, sound, background, editing.  You will leave this workshop confident in your ability to self-submit, at a standard that the industry is expecting.  Relentless Filmworks creates a safe and fun environment to tackle the biggest trend in the acting industry in the last 20 years!

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As a writer, director, producer, and DP, Troy has created a broad spectrum of series, shorts, commercials, and features. He began his career initially as a Director of Photography, but found that working within several avenues of creative space afforded him an invaluable perspective as an artist.  


Taking projects from start to finish; from their inception to development to execution; is a true passion, and his dedication to each endeavor reflects his personal commitment to that passion. Troy envisions truly universal themes in each of his projects, no matter the venue, no matter the scope.


He is calculated, yet off-the- cuff. Introspective, yet accessible. Polished, yet real and raw. It's never "that's a wrap"... instead, it's "what's next?"  And "what's next?" is always a surprise. 


Steve Whelan is an American actor and producer. He was born in San Mateo, CA,  and grew up in Northeast Ohio & Connecticut.  Steve earned a BA in Theatre at Indiana University.  After three years of creating original, experimental Theatre in Philadelphia, he turned his focus to film, and returned to California in 1996.


Having worked in an array of cinematic formats including film and television, commercials, web-series', and voice-overs, he is also an accomplished production sound

artist, and a veteran voice-over artist. Steve co-founded Relentless Filmworks in 2008, a boutique production company, dedicated to creating exciting original content.


Steve lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two daughters.