Looking to build your actor portfolio with lower commitment projects? Look no further than our Sizzle Reel Package! A Sizzle Reel is a short video that will showcase your talents as an actor. This package includes 3 half-minute scenes with coverage for 2 actors, allowing you to showcase your skills and talents on camera.


In addition to these 3 engaging scenes, this package also includes a free consultation and brainstorming session, as well as writing assistance from our talented team of writers. Plus, we offer one screenplay revision per scene, so you can rest assured that your reel will be exactly what you're looking for. 

Our Sizzle Reel Package is broken into 6 phases: Concept, Screenwriting, Production, Post-Production, and Delivery. Please see below for the details of each phase. 


During the Concept Phase, you will receive:

A Free Actor Reel Consultation

A Free Brainstorming Session

At the Screenwriting Phase, it will be our job to create engaging, original scenes that effectively showcase you as the actor. It will be important for us to be creative and use strong language that evokes emotion for the audience. During the Screenwriting Phase, you will receive:  

Writing THREE half-minute original  scenes
One Screenplay Revision per Scene


At the Production Phase, we will use an Ursa Mini 4.6K to get that perfect shot every time, along with other professional equipment like film sets, lighting packages, and a production sound mixer. With our experienced director/cinematographer and production designer at the helm, you can be sure that your actor reel or demo reel will look and sound amazing. Additionally, this phase also includes:

Ursa Mini 4.6 K for shots (as mentioned)

1 hour for initial makeup

1 hour of shooting time per scene

On-Set Professional Director/Cinematographer

Production Sound Mixer (as mentioned)

Production Design

Comprehensive Lighting Package (as mentioned)

Film Sets


During the Post-Production Phase, it will be time to make sure that your actor reel is edited to perfection and ready to show off. During the Post-Production Phase, we will: 

Edit Your Scenes

Color Grade

Select Music

Sound Mix

We will make sure that you actor reel is of top quality before moving on to the Delivery Phase. 


Once your actor reel has been edited to perfection, Relentless Filmworks will then deliver your actor reel to you. You can expect a 2 week delivery time. At the delivery, you will receive: 

HD Web Conversion (for your website, YouTube, Vimeo)
SD Web Conversion (for Actors Access and LA Casting websites)


• This package allows for 2 Actors per scene only.  (You may bring extras)
• You will receive a finished product (edited, color corrected and mixed)

• If you require additional edit time, $90/h - make-up is recommended
• If you choose not to hire make-up, we ask that you come camera ready (hair, make-up and wardrobe)

- Bring your own props when applicable


SIZZLE REEL includes: THREE original

half-minute scenes

(half a page each)


2 Actors. Both with coverage.

Client must provide co-stars


Interior Scenes Only

Free Consultation
Brain Storming Session


Includes writing THREE

half-minute original  scenes. Scenes are written based on consultation. Get yours today!